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Ryan Noble and Stephanie Leffler founded Juggle.com in the spring of 2008 as a reference resource website that provided structured, comparable information on a plethora of topics. With Ryan and Stephanie at the helm, what started as a six-employee company quickly grew as opportunities were recognized.

In 2010, Juggle expanded its operation to include monetizing and publishing niche e-commerce and information websites. The company began offering advertising services under the brand name ROImedia to others looking to expand their online reach. In recognizing the revenue potential stemming from online communities, ROImedia began building a network of best-in-class communities across several interest categories, including politics, shopping, health and finance. Specializing in engaging user experiences, ROImedia’s communities began creating valuable content and driving millions of impressions each month. To maximize the ROI on those impressions, Ryan and Stephanie developed a robust set of applications that allow the brand to manage and optimize revenue effectively and at scale.

As the company’s efforts to grow its network of websites expanded, the capability to create and moderate content at scale without growing overhead costs became a key focus. After discovering Amazon Mechanical Turk and recognizing the untapped potential of a large, on-demand workforce, Stephanie and Ryan quickly began working on Scalable Workforce, a turn-key solution to help make requesting jobs from qualified, profiled workers a possibility.

In 2011, Stephanie and Ryan began offering full-service crowdsourcing solutions to enterprise clients worldwide under the brand name CrowdSource. CrowdSource, which is now backed by Highland Capital Partners, quickly became the industry leader in a multi-billion dollar market by specializing in content creation and content moderation for Fortune 500 online retailers, online publishers and media companies. By leveraging a distributed workforce, CrowdSource delivers high-quality, cost-effective results at unprecedented speed.

Also in 2011, the duo recognized the business potential in the domain aftermarket and launched the brand ClickableNames. With over 100,000 domains up for auction each day, the team developed a solution for identifying and filtering the most beneficial data points on any given domain name. ClickableNames currently offers brokerage services, including the purchase and sale of premium domain names (uniquely suited to drive search engine traffic), logo design and branding, to clients around the globe.

Prior to Juggle and CrowdSource, Leffler and Noble started MonsterCommerce, an ecommerce platform that grew to serve over 8,000 small businesses, with annual sales exceeding $20 million. Leffler spearheaded the sale of MonsterCommerce to NetworkSolutions, an internet pioneer. Named as finalists in the 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards program, Leffler and Noble are a collaborative, balanced duo who drives the success of the company. Stephanie contributes her internet experience and tenacious attention to detail to keep projects moving, while Ryan develops the company’s long-term strategy from which most new development projects spawn. Stephanie cultivates partner relationships and is a cheerleader to maintain team member momentum, and Ryan continually challenges team members to extend past their comfort zones.
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