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CrowdSource Delivers Scalable Solutions for

CrowdSource leverages a workforce of over 500,000 to create high-quality, cost-effective results for at scale.

CrowdSourceCrowdSource is taking content creation and curation to new heights by delivering highly scalable solutions to clients worldwide. Using a distributed workforce of writers, CrowdSource delivers high-quality, cost-effective results at an unprecedented speed.

CrowdSource’s client list includes a host of e-retailers and online publishers looking to solve complex business problems. recently employed CrowdSource to address content needs that were costly and time-consuming to solve in-house.

“ needed high-quality, research-oriented content at a large scale. They required a proven workforce, able to create and curate content in a tight timeframe. We were able to quickly implement a solution using our workforce of writers,” noted Stephanie Leffler, CEO of CrowdSource.

CrowdSource focuses on producing high-quality results through testing, plurality and a dedicated internal moderating team who aggressively curates the crowd. In order to promote loyalty and continuous high-quality work, CrowdSource employs a virtual career system that rewards top-performing workers with higher pay, bonuses and access to more work. These rigorous methods ensure clients receive cost-effective results with up to 99.99% accuracy.

“By using CrowdSource, we were able to cut internal costs and receive quality results in a fraction of the time it would have taken to complete it internally. We are incredibly satisfied with the quality of the content and overwhelmed by the turnaround time in which we received it,” said Lisa Sullivan-Cross, VP of Marketing and Business Development at “We are in the process of identifying other ways in which the CrowdSource model can alleviate pain points in our business processes.”

Other jobs that CrowdSource can handle include categorization, content, content moderation, transcription, search relevancy and more. The company is capable of producing up to 65 man-years of work per month and expects that number to rise as its workforce grows daily.

About CrowdSource
CrowdSource provides full-service crowdsourcing solutions to accomplish labor-intensive tasks with unprecedented speed and superior quality. By providing pre-qualified groups of skilled workers, breaking complex tasks into microtasks and employing quality-controls, CrowdSource eliminates the most common problems associated with scaling labor intensive tasks.

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