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CrowdSource Expands With Launch of Crowd-Powered Transcription Company

Managed crowdsourcing company, CrowdSource, introduces transcription solutions through

CrowdSourceCrowdSource, a leader in the crowdsourcing industry that works with national clients, such as BazaarVoice, Citysearch,, Klip and ToysRUs, has launched, adding audio and video transcription solutions to its growing list of managed crowdsourcing solutions. is a transcription company that utilizes crowdsourcing to provide fast and accurate audio and video transcripts for businesses, legal departments and academics.

In recent years, there has been a rise in consumer consumption of digital video and audio content. Although widely used, these formats present a challenge to search engines and to users who access content across multiple devices. Transcription addresses both of these challenges by creating text-based versions of video or audio files that are accessible to search engines and users on any device. aims to meet the growing demand for fast and affordable transcription solutions by utilizing its crowd of over 10,000 qualified transcription specialists.

“We’ve spent the last two years extending the capabilities of our crowd management platform and growing our workforce,” said Stephanie Leffler, CEO of CrowdSource. “We’ve proven we’re capable of creating content at scale with exceptional quality, and now that we are ready to expand into additional verticals, transcription is a natural fit.”

As a CrowdSource company, cultivates a trained and skilled workforce of US-based transcription specialists to complete projects with speed, quality and scale. Through testing and quality control, delivers quality text files with a 98+ percent accuracy rate every time.

About CrowdSource

CrowdSource is the industry leader in a multi-billion dollar market, providing clients with on-demand access to a scalable workforce. CrowdSource specializes in content solutions for online retailers, publishers, advertisers and marketers. By using a distributed workforce, clients receive high-quality, cost-effective results at unprecedented speed.

CrowdSource is headquartered in St. Louis and backed by Highland Capital Partners.