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CrowdSource, LLC Announces Addition of “Worker Profiles” to the Scalable Workforce Platform

CrowdSource8/22/2011- San Francisco, CA – CrowdSource, LLC the popular crowdsourcing company announced the beta release of a major update to their Scalable Workforce platform, worker profiles. Worker profiles are targeted at CrowdSource’s workforce. Through their Scalable Workforce platform, CrowdSource recruits and pays thousands of workers via the Amazon Mechanical Turk Marketplace to complete more than 100,000 content creation, editorial, categorization, transcription and quality assurance jobs per month.

“Profiles will offer workers a way to measure their performance against other members of our workforce,” commented Sammie Schweissguth, Director of Client Services at CrowdSource. “We strive to fulfill the needs of our workers on all levels. Fair pay, feedback and now competitive motivation are the key areas where we excel compared to other requesters in the Amazon Mechanical Turk ecosystem.”

CrowdSource CEO Stephanie Leffler announced the new offering at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco where CrowdSource was a premier sponsor.

“Worker satisfaction is a major focus for our team. We believe that in order to keep our workers happy, we need to provide an online environment filled with all of the same motivational mechanisms found within the traditional workplace. Friendly competition and desire to reach the front of the pack are important to overall worker fulfillment” added Leffler.

“Worker profiles are just the beginning,” remarked Zac Torkelson, VP of Engineering for CrowdSource. “We will launch a complete career system that rewards workers for hitting milestones and for demonstrating expertise in their field.”

On average, workers for CrowdSource make just over minimum wage. “Some of our workers make more than $15.00 per hour. We have seen a lot of negative press about the low wages on Mechanical Turk and we are here to say that if you work for us, that is not the case,” stated Schweissguth.
In addition to providing performance benchmarks, the worker profile system allows workers to review past work, to analyze feedback provided by moderators and to easily find work that interests them.

Leffler added, “Our outstanding workers are our competitive advantage. We are proud to have them as an extension of our team and pledge to continue to build features to keep them happy and earning more.”

CrowdSource is the exclusive provider of the Scalable Workforce platform which is designed to enhance Amazon’s Mechanical Turk with features to better manage projects and the workforce. From providing pre-qualified groups of skilled workers, to allowing businesses to build complex workflows, CrowdSource eliminates the most common problems associated with crowdsourcing through Mechanical Turk.

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