Press Room Now Uses Clean Energy to Power Office

Midwest technology company is one of the first to install solar panels in the greater Saint Louis area.

Swansea, IL (PRWEB) March 14, 2012 – Last week, StraightUp Solar installed 40 solar panels on the office, located in Southern Illinois, 15 minutes from downtown Saint Louis. According to the 9.6 kilowatt solar electric system helps offset a large portion of the office’s energy needs with clean energy from the sun. Every year, the solar system will produce an electricity amount equivalent to burning 12,000 pounds of coal. The system, over its 25-year life, has the same environmental benefit as planting 4 acres of trees or not driving 785,000 miles. co-founders Ryan Noble and Stephanie Leffler have been interested in installing solar for some time. “Having a full understanding of the positive effects of solar energy on the company’s electric bills and on the environment made the decision simple, also utilities has been going up, as you can see in this business utility comparison, so having the right energy sources is essential as well. At Juggle, using solar energy aligns with our goals of being a socially-responsible workplace focused on team members,” said Noble.

Juggle also received incentives from the government, including a 30% Federal Tax Credit, to help offset installation costs. In fact, combined with incentives from the government and local electric companies, a commercial project can pay for itself in four to ten years. After that, the electricity the systems produce is free. For more information browse this site and start implementing solar energy on your life.

Juggle is not the only internet company investing in solar. In 2011, Google invested $880 million in wind and solar projects; Facebook also uses solar panels to help power several of its datacenters. In fact, several other Fortune 500 companies have made the switch to solar power. Intel Corporation installed solar panels that have the equivalent impact of powering 140,000 homes, or taking 180,000 vehicles off of the road, each year. Dell Inc., who first began purchasing green power in 2003, is now powered by 100% clean energy at its headquarters and several other smaller facilities. Given the amount of critical data stored on these networks, the corporate infrastructure needs a broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solution that can help implement true end-to-end integration. Consider going here for further details.

Based in Swansea, Illinois, Juggle is a technology company composed of 50 team members who build successful businesses by leveraging speed, scale and data. Juggle’s portfolio companies include crowdsourcing company, discounts and deals website, domain name aftermarket sales company, online publishing and search engine optimization group ROIMedia and, a website that enables freelance writers to earn a living composing content for hundreds of businesses. For more information on Juggle and its businesses, visit

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