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CrowdSource Crowdsourcing Platform

CrowdSource is the industry leader in a multi-billion dollar market, providing clients with on-demand access to a skilled and scalable workforce. We manage crowd-based talent to deliver content, moderation and transcription solutions to enterprise clients worldwide. Visit CrowdSource.com

CrowdSource Services

Copywriting Services

Update your website by adding unique, relevant content, reducing the need for internal manpower.

Content Moderation

From product reviews and forum posts to profile photos and more, CrowdSource workers can moderate all types of user-generated content.

Data Enrichment

Our workers extract structured attribute data from your existing product descriptions.

Search Relevance

Improve customer engagement when you ensure that your search results are on target with your customers’ searches.


CrowdSource workers categorize hundreds of products, attributes, articles, ads and more each day.

Product Matching

Maximize product exposure by ensuring your products are matched to a UPC code or master catalog.

Contact CrowdSource

Sales: Sammie Schweissguth

sales at crowdsource dot com

Worker Support

workforce at crowdsource dot com

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(855) 276-9376

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