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Debate.org Online Debate Community

Debate.org is a social networking platform that facilitates communities of people searching for an avenue to participate in educated, formal debates.

Debate.org not only fosters social interaction between members of a community but also provides an avenue for members to debate and discuss hot topics relating to arts, economics, sports, politics, entertainment, news, religion and more. Visit Debate.org

More About Debate.org

By creating personal profiles with defined ideologies, political preferences, religious beliefs and more, members can communicate with and support like-minded parties while participating in debates with those who espouse opposing views.


  • 200,000 total members
  • 120,000 online debates
  • 100,000 opinion arguments
  • 1,000,000 forum posts
  • 6,700,000 pageviews per month
  • 1,000 new forum posts each day
  • 25 new debates started each day

Unique Features

  • 14 debate categories
  • Top debater leaderboard
  • Vote-based debate results
  • Debater profiles with statistics and demographics
  • 18 forum categories
  • Scalable debate and user moderation


Contact Debate.org


debate at juggle dot com

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