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Online Advertising Solutions

Advertise on over 2,000 of ROImedia’s niche e-commerce stores and information websites. Connecting businesses to customers at critical points in the buying cycle, ROImedia’s proprietary smart serving technology presents the right offer or advertisement to the right user at the right time for optimal conversion potential.

Website Portfolio

ROImedia’s niche retail websites allow consumers to compare, review and purchase a multitude of products across a variety of categories.

ROImedia’s websites are created by a dynamic publishing platform capable of scalably creating unique, streamlined shopping experiences for site visitors. With detailed buying guides, how-to articles and answers to frequently asked questions, ROImedia’s family of e-commerce sites affords users the opportunity to research and compare products before making a purchasing decision.

Covering an array of categories, including clothing, footwear, sporting goods, electronics, furniture and more, ROImedia’s niche retail websites offer an online shopping experience second to none. Sites such as BedSheets.com and LaserPrinters.com yield thousands of targeted visitors every day.

  • BedSheets.com
  • Visit Straighteners.com
  • Visit LaserPrinters.com
  • Visit PintGlasses.com
  • Visit AllHighHeels.com
  • Visit KebabSkewers.com
  • Visit OnlyTelevisions.com
  • Visit PillarTaps.com


Scalable Advertising Management

Wildfire is ROImedia’s proprietary ad serving and monitoring platform. Wildfire provides end to end campaign management leveraging real-time reporting and configurable reports.

Wildfire provides a robust set of metrics and user-friendly tools to get at even the most obscure data points. Reporting options include real-time traffic information, conversion data, website load time and speed data, performance by ad placement and performance by keyword. All of these reports can be run in aggregate or for any specific site or sites within ROImedia’s network.

Wildfire allows businesses to not only monitor their campaigns, but to make real-time adjustments when significant changes in behavior or performance are noted.


  • Tracks data on over 2,000 websites
  • Allows hundreds of configurable A/B tests
  • Maintains data on 200,000,000 keywords
  • Monitors more than 6,500 active campaigns

Unique Features

  • Auto-optimization algorithms
  • Automated and user-initiated A/B testing
  • Customizable reporting views
  • Customizable dashboard views


Advertising Formats

PPC Advertising

Reach your target audience by advertising on relevant sites within our 2,000-site network.

Brand Sponsorships

Gain exposure for your brand by sponsoring one or several of our 2,000 e-commerce stores and information websites.

Product Feed Inclusion

Extend the reach of your marketing efforts and gain more customers by syndicating your product feed across our niche e-commerce websites.

Lead Generation

Buy targeted, well-qualified leads for your business by leveraging our network of over 2,000 niche retail and information websites.

Display Ads

Increase awareness for your business by using display ads across our network, and take advantage of more than 150 million impressions per month.


Pay only for results with our pay-per-conversion programs.

Did You Know? On average, our network attracts over 40 million visitors and 139 million page views per month.

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